Faith on Fire 2020 by Genesis Dorsey

Faith on Fire 2020

Experience the 8-Week Virtual Summit that hundreds have enrolled in and can't stop talking about!


Genesis Dorsey

See Faith over Fear

Indiana Tuggle

Birth Your Book

Dr.John Pace

Preparing for Leadership

Nicole D. Jones

Walk in Wealth

Devoney Kodad

Stress Free Living

Tiffany Jones

The Power of Being a Woman in Ministry

Amanda Christiana

Build Your Back Office Business

About Faith on Fire 2020

Are you ready for a shift in your life, business, or career

Faith on Fire 2020 is for leaders and business owners who love God but have been in a STUCK PLACE mentally, financially, and emotionally in their life. FEAR has tried to stifle you. Your PAST has tried to challenge you. Yet, you know that there is GREATER on the horizon for you.

There is something brewing under the surface but you need to activate something WITHIN YOU to unleash your greatness in 2020. There are some things that you can’t even see and haven’t even believed that God wants to bring to pass!

You're going to hear encouragement and more from them including a special night of outpouring and expertise from each leader.

You are going to be able to learn strategies and insight on the following:

  • How to have faith instead of fear!
  • How to prepare yourself for Leadership!
  • How to finally Birth the Book!
  • How to Walk in wealth!
  • Dealing with Stress for the Christian Entrepreneur
  • Owning Your Voice as a Woman in Ministry

I want to make sure that we cover as much as we can so that you can use this time to rest and refresh mind, spirit, and body. 

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What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos Text Icon 13 text files


Meet the Speakers
About Genesis Dorsey
About Indiana Tuggle
About Dr.John Pace
About Nicole D. Jones
About Devoney Kodad
About Tiffany Jones
About Amanda Christine
Experience it Again!
Faith 101 with Genesis Dorsey
48 mins
Faith over Fear with Genesis Dorsey
41 mins
Faith for More with Genesis Dorsey
(1h 12m 30s)
Faith to Birth Your Book with Indiana Tuggle
34 mins
Faith for Leadership with Dr.John Pace
34 mins
Faith for Finances with Nicole D. Jones
36 mins
Faith for Freedom with Devoney Kodad
35 mins
Faith for Women's Ministry with Tiffany Jones
51 mins
Faith for Your Back Office with Amanda Christine
44 mins
Daily Encouragement from Our Speakers!
Daily Encouragement: Indiana Tuggle
Daily Encouragement: Dr.John Pace
Daily Encouragement: Nicole Jones
Daily Encouragement: Devoney Kodad
Daily Encouragement: Tiffany Jones
Daily Encouragement: Amanda Christine